Why Blog?

Posted on 1st December 2011 in Blog

For some time now I’ve been doing everything through social media, mainly Facebook. While Facebook is good for sharing a quick thought and trading links, there are a few things that bother me about it. They aren’t necessarily faults of Facebook (or social media in general). It’s just that I don’t think that it’s hard for one interface to do and be everything. I’m not abandoning Facebook. I still want to know what everyone is doing, see the cool links my friends found or  at least re-posted. If you’re an attractive woman I still want to right click and save your picture to my personal database*. I also want to be able to share and connect and re-post things. Partly because my ego tells me that I’m so witty, smart, and cool that obviously I should be putting stuff I think is awesome in 100+ people’s media feeds where I know everyone obsessively goes. I mean, surely in the endless sea of posts, mine’s the one that brightens your day right?

But that’s also part of the problem …

Facebook is an endless sea of crashing words and links and pictures. Everything is all mixed and jumbled together in whatever order Facebook seems to think is appropriate for us that week. There is an air of impermanence to it all. I’m sure that everything is there if I look hard enough, clicking “more stories” enough times.  Click here to read more.. »

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